Getting The Most Out Of Your Battery

Today’s smartphones represent a pinnacle of mobile technology. They are quickly coming to a point where the personal computer won’t be quite as necessary as it once was, especially as devices get bigger and provide a large range of functionality.

One area that phones still fall a little behind, however, is the period of time that their batteries last. Battery technology has undergone a series of innovations over the last few decades, but it’s still common practice to charge a device at least once a day.

For those that find they tend to charge their smartphone more often than they would like and it’s starting to become something more of a mild inconvenience, these are some helpful tips and tricks to get more life out of the battery.

1. Assistant Technology

Both iOS and Android come with baked-in assistants, which are there to make life that much easier. Both operating systems work very much the same when it comes to an assistant: the user uses a specific word to start the assistant up, and then they can issue either a command or a question.

It’s the first part of this process that represents the problem: having the device always listening for that specific wake-up command means that the microphone is always on, and this can lead to serious battery drain. While it may be impossible for some to turn away from the convenience of voice-based operation, it’s one of the best ways of extending battery life.

2. Turn Off Always-On Location

Smartphones have the ability to connect to global GPS networks, allowing the user to make use of the many mapping apps available to download. Subsets of Android all handle this differently, but having the GPS always turned on burns through a lot of battery in a short amount of time.

Depending on the device manufacturer, it may be possible to only have the GPS turn on when a specific app has been started, but for those that have their GPS on all the time, they will notice a significant difference in battery life once they’ve turned it off.

3. Keep The Device Cool

Our smartphones are powered by microchips, which gives them the ability to perform all the functions that we need them to. Microchips generate a lot of heat, and they work at their best when they’re at a low temperature, but when things get too hot, they start to wear down on the components around them, such as the battery.

When we leave our device in a hot car or in direct sunlight or enjoy a lot of online bingo NZ, the extra heat causes the processor to work harder, and this extra heat leeches out across the device and causes unwanted chemical reactions in the battery. This doesn’t mean that the battery becomes dangerous or unstable, but rather that it loses its charge at a much higher rate, so keeping the device somewhere cool is good for battery life.