Best Tech Gadgets of 2018

Technology is constantly changing, making our lives easier and simpler.  This article will look at new technology of 2018.

Anker PowerWave Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers are a great innovation and Anker has released its PowerWave charger.  This charger is a great option and supports charging of Android Smartphones and Apple iPhones using a 7.5 watt output standard.

The charger has a built-in cooling fan and a charging indicator.  The charger comes with a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 wall adaptor.

2018 iPad

Considered as the best tablet to date, the latest iPad offers users a sleek and powerful experience and it is also well priced.  This tablet is compatible with the Apple Pencil stylus, which makes this device an excellent tool for students and those following a career in the creativity stream.

It has a vast amount of great apps and this includes augmented reality apps.  The tablet comes in silver, gold and grey.  There are also two storage variants, 32 and 128 GB, and there is the option of having a tablet that has LTE connectivity.

Frequent Flyer Suitcase

Victorinox has developed the Lexicon Hardside Frequent Flyer suitcase.  Not only does it look good, it is also a quality item and ergonomically designed.  It comes with a USB port and a pre-installed cable.

There is a zipped pocket to store a battery pack.  The suitcase also has a SIM card pin and this allows international travellers the ease of changing service providers.  The suitcase comes in titanium and black.

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Speaker

This is a great looking speaker and comes in a range of colours.  The speaker offers excellent quality 360 degree sound.

The speaker has two audio drivers and two radiators for those deep lows.  Even though one speaker offers great sound, two is even better and offers a sound blast that can go for 10 hours.

Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Many people have started using their smartphones as a type of mini computer and for everything from sending emails to AFL Premiership betting.

Lots of typing though is not ideal on a smartphone keyboard and some people would prefer a proper keyboard and the 1byone Foldable Bluetooth keyboard is the answer.

The keyboard can be folded into pocket size and easily transported.  The keyboard can be used for about 114 days without charging.

TrackR Pen

The Cross Peerless TrackR is a pen that is beautifully designed and has a built-in Bluetooth tracker.  The tracker uses TrackR technology which allows the pen to connect to a smartphone and will also send notifications if left behind.

The pen is able to track the smartphone to which it is connected.  The pen comes in black and blue and there is a lifetime warranty on the mechanical parts.

Amir 3-in-1

The Amir 3-in-1 is a kit that includes three aluminium camera lenses that will clip onto a smartphone camera.

The kit includes 180-degree fish eye lens, .36X wide-angle lens for wide shots and a 25X lens for close up shots.  This is a great accessory, easy to use and adds an extra dimension to any smartphone user.

Whatsapp Tips for 2018

What did we do before Whatsapp? We used carrier pigeon, post and…BBM. But Whatsapp revolutionised the messaging world and we have come to take it for granted.

But we can do even more than just message on Whatsapp, there are so many time saving tips to try out that you will have plenty extra time to find some great Australian betting apps to use. Continue reading “Whatsapp Tips for 2018”

Hottest New Mobile Tech From CES 2018

CES showcases some of the latest technologies in the industry, giving us a preview of what’s to come, and a look inside what’s busy being developed as we speak. Of all the tech that appeared at the show, one of the most prominent is mobile technology, which has been the case for the last few years.

Mobile devices continue to be the future, and electronic companies from all over the world have made it their business to bring out the hot new tech, often in the form of prototypes designed to give us glimpse of the upcoming future. Continue reading “Hottest New Mobile Tech From CES 2018”

Things You Didn’t Know About Your Android

Android phones come in many forms and are one of the most popular forms of smartphones in the world. A huge percentage of the planets and Australia’s population own them and use them for everyday tasks such as texting, taking selfies and calling people.

There are a few little hacks that you may not be aware of however which will make owning an Android even more fun. Continue reading “Things You Didn’t Know About Your Android”

Tech Trends 2018

Tech Trends to Watch in 2018

As we come towards the end of the year, a lot of people are looking back on what we saw in 2017 and are thinking about what we can expect for 2018.

Forrester Research, an American-based company that specialises in the impact of technology, released a report in October on the top technology trends for 2018 – 2020.

They broke their predictions into 3 phases: Dawning, Awareness and Acceptance. If we use those to look at what Forrester and other experts are anticipating for the year ahead, it’s easier to see how far along the most exciting emerging technologies are. Continue reading “Tech Trends to Watch in 2018”

Worth the Wait: 2018 Mobile Phone Releases

Worth the Wait: 2018 Mobile Phone Releases

While a new mobile phone will most likely be at the top of many Christmas wish list’s this year, it might be worthwhile to wait a few more months to get your hands one of these new mobile devices releasing during 2018. While there probably aren’t many people super giddy to get their hands on the new Nokia 9, we suspect that there are many excited buyers for the new Samsung Galaxy S9, the Huawei P11, and the LG G7! Which will you choose? Continue reading “Worth the Wait: 2018 Mobile Phone Releases”


Have smartwatches really taken off

The Smartwatch – Still Hot Or Not?

We all know the smartwatch, that little piece of tech that people scrambled to get their hands on when it first hit the markets. No wrist was complete without it, and old style analogue watches receives sneers and smirks from those who were technologically advanced.

But how popular is it now? Has it really taken off or will it go the way that Google predicted most wearable tech will, which is by the wayside? Continue reading “Have smartwatches really taken off”

Tech Trends Of The Future

Technology moves along at an astonishing rate. So fast, in fact, that it has become near impossible to predict what technology will be like in a few years, never mind a few decades.

Who, after all, could have predicted the ridiculous levels of mobile phone advancement today, back in the 80s, when mobile phones did not even exist? The very notion that mobile phones have come as far as they have, in a single lifetime, is outrageous. Continue reading “Tech Trends Of The Future”

Apps Make Life Easy in the Kitchen

It’s never a good feeling when you are on dinner duty and you know the family are expecting little more than blackened lumps that may have once been food, and a whole lot of smoke. Thankfully, as with much of life, mobile tech has come to the rescue.

Think about it. Smartphones and tablets are small and easy enough to use in a space that can get as cluttered as a kitchen can. They are a great way of creating a link between the pantry and the butcher, grocer, or supermarket, and, if you are really careful, you won’t drop them into the batter to serve them up in a Victoria sponge at tea that afternoon. Continue reading “Apps Make Life Easy in the Kitchen”