The Best Phone Screens On The Market

Ever since they first became mainstream with the original iPhone, phone screens have long been one of the big selling points of owning a modern device.

The screen is not only a window to the internet, videos, communication, and more, but it has built-in touch capabilities, meaning that we don’t need a keyboard and mouse to interact with the software.

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What To Look Out For When Buying A New Phone

Smartphones have become a necessity in the modern life, allowing us to communicate, browse the internet, watch videos, and even bank. And when our old phone begins to show signs of decline and we start looking around for something new to buy, it can be incredibly overwhelming to choose a phone due to the sheer variety on the market.

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Choosing The Right Camera-Centric Smartphone

Just two decades ago, a mobile phone was a device that could only really make phone calls, save contacts, and send texts. But over the years, mobile phones have transformed from simple devices into complex computers with multiple features that allow a person to read emails, browse the internet, watch videos, and take high-quality pictures.

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How To Turn Your Phone Into A PC

Most people tend to use their phones as a means of communication, light browsing, watching videos, and maybe even a bit of gaming, while reserving their desktop computers or laptops for work-related things. But many people might not realise that it’s entirely possible to use a smartphone as a fully-fledged computer – after all, smartphones are really just portable computers at the end of the day.

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The Most Secure Android Operating Systems Around

Android is currently the world’s leader when it comes to mobile operating systems. Maintained, updated, and upgraded by Google, Android holds the dominant position in terms of global market share, and anyone that has a popular smartphone device that isn’t an iPhone more than likely is running Android.

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The LG Wing – Truly One Of a Kind

When it comes to smartphone form factors, manufactures have been a bit creatively bankrupt, especially when compared to the colourful and unique phones of yesteryear. LG, however, has always been on a path of its own, unveiling strange and wonderful devices that never did that well commercially and often critically, but still made enough of a splash to draw a crowd and offer a bit of innovation in the industry.

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The Best Smartphones For 2020

As we entered a new decade, so did a wide range of modern mobile technology. We saw the very first foldable smartphones hit the market, and while the technology needs more time to develop, it seems promising.

We also saw the continuation of the famous flagships that have always made big news upon their release, such as the Galaxy S range from Samsung.

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