The Best Phone Screens On The Market

Ever since they first became mainstream with the original iPhone, phone screens have long been one of the big selling points of owning a modern device.

The screen is not only a window to the internet, videos, communication, and more, but it has built-in touch capabilities, meaning that we don’t need a keyboard and mouse to interact with the software.

Screen technology has improved drastically in recent years, especially when it comes to LED screens, which many believe will one day force LCD screens into deprecation, at least in the mobile market. With that in mind, these are the phones of 2022 that have the very best screens.

Google Pixel 6 Pro

The top-of-the-range Pixels in the much-loved range of Pixels from Google have traditionally been fairly underpowered when compared to other flagship devices, but this also help keep the cost of the device low. But Google has changed direction with the Pixel 6 Pro, a device that matches anything that Samsung or Apple has marked as their latest flagship.

And thanks to its 6.7 inch, 1440p touchscreen with a dynamic 120hz refresh rate and covered with Gorilla Glass Victus, it’s one of the best screens around right now.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Right at the top of the pile is the latest flagship release from Samsung, the S22 Ultra. Available with a 1TB UFS 3.1 drive as well as a Snapdragon 888, the S22 is just about the most powerful smart device that the consumer can get their hands on right now.

And such a potent device should have the best screen around, and Samsung delivers nicely with an 8.8-inch HDR10+ LTPO OLED display that offers a peak brightness of 1750 nits, unmatched by anything else on the market.

On top of that, Samsung promises that despite how bright the screen is, users can expect around 15% more battery life when compared to the S21 or S20. A 5G option is also for sale, although it has a very slightly worse screen, but still more than enough for videos or Australian sports betting.

Oneplus 9 Pro

While it took some years for OnePlus to gain some traction in the phone market, they’re now known as making some of the very best phones around, and the 9 Pro is a testament to that.

Thanks to its 6.7 inch, 1440p dynamic 1hz-120hz screen, the 9 Pro is up there with the best of them, even if it doesn’t offer the same quality as the Pixel 6 Pro or the brightness of the S22 Ultra. Nevertheless, there are few other devices on the market that can quite match the 9 Pro in any respect.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

We’ve only covered Android offerings so far, but the iPhone is up there with the best Androids, specifically the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The Pro Max boasts a 6.7 Inch LTPS panel, offering a dynamic 120hz refresh rate. It has great colour calibration, as well as the latest Super Retina XDR, which is certified for HDR.