Factors to Consider when Buying a New Smartphone

Life without smartphones!  This is of course unimaginable.  Smartphones have become an important part of our lives as it is how we connect with others and for many our whole lives are stored on our smartphones.

They are used to store our precious memories, keep important documents safe, online banking, email and so many other things.  With all of the different smartphones available it is often difficult to decide which one best suits us.  Before making a decision there are a few things to consider.

Consider the Operating System

Most smartphone users will either have an iPhone or an Android phone.  Both these operating systems (OS) make up around 90% of smartphones in the world.  Most probably users would have accumulated music, movies and a number of other things connected to their particular OS.  For Apple fans that have over the years accumulated loads of music and movies in iTunes it does not really make sense to change now.  Some users do not really have a preference and are happy to use either platform.  These users are not then tied down and can choose a smartphone based on innovation or value for money.

How Much Money?

Cost is an important factor and for most of us the deciding factor.  Is it really necessary to spend large amounts of money buying a flagship phone?  It is always good to be realistic and look at what the phone is actually being used for.  Most flagship phones come with specs that are super advanced which most people often do not even know are there.  By choosing a cheaper option or perhaps an older version a user could save hundreds of dollars and still have all the functions necessary.  Many people use their smartphones for basic things like making calls, texting, emails and browsing so an older model would offer all of these at much less cost.

What Will The Phone Be Used For?

Deciding on what is most important is a decision which will go a long way to choosing the best option.  Is it the camera, battery life or cost?  There are so many smartphones available and we can often get sucked into thinking we need all these new innovative tech features, but really how often do we actually use them.  Some people may not even need a smartphone if all they do is make calls and send texts, but if you enjoy Australian sports betting you’ll need an option that will cope with this.  These phones are often very cheap and the battery goes on forever.

Timing is Everything

A good tip is to never buy a smartphone just as it is released.  These phones will be very expensive and although there is nothing better than a brand new phone, your bank balance will definitely suffer.  Being patient and hanging on a few months is great advice and look out for phones that possibly do not sell as well and retailers will usually put these on sale.  A good example of this is the LG G5, an excellent smartphone, but did not do well and most retailers had to mark them down to move them.

Knowing what we want from a smartphone and being realistic about the functionality we actually use gives us a good idea of what type of phone to buy and how much money we are willing to spend.