What to Do If Your Computer Crashed in the Middle of a Game?

What to Do If Your Computer Crashed in the Middle of a Game

Worst case scenario, having just hit the big jackpot at a favourite slot game, the total winnings counter on the screen going crazy tallying the size of such a win and suddenly the entire screen turns black, the soft whirring sound of the technology within stills to a stop and the realisation of what has just happened begins to dawn.

At this point players, those that aren’t sobbing into their hands at least, might wonder what to do if your computer crashed in the middle of a game such as this and fortunately for them there are ways of correcting, or at the very least, preventing this sort of thing from happening.

Playing online games can be quite exhilarating because of the amount of choice and ease of access to said choice. But there are still risks inherent to this form of gaming and players would do well to have a few contingencies in place to deal with such a problem should it arise.

Because at the end of the day, when discovering and ultimately playing some of these online games the last thing any player wants to be asking themselves is what to do if your computer crashed in the middle of a game, especially while playing a real money slots game and then find they have no answer to such a situation.

Responsible and Mindful Online Casino Gaming

Whenever players do venture into the ether we have come to coin the internet there are several factors at play that they should take into consideration as they do. The first of these is safety and security. Such factors can only really be discerned through a sense of trust and transparency, particularly on the side of the establishments providing these games to the players.

Here players should ensure that the sites they use are setup along the required guidelines, that it adheres to the required licensing and registration required and that the features on offer are dedicated to preserving this security in as evident a way as possible. This way, if players do find themselves in a situation where they have to ask themselves what to do if your computer crashed in the middle of a game they can count the online casino out of the list of possible reasons, knowing that it is being maintained and preserved well.

Other such precautions come in the form of recovery services, which certain online casinos offer, which effectively pauses the game where the players disconnected and when they rejoin they connect right back to the same place they left off. This is facilitated through a login system so that the establishment in question has the players’ details and can then link them back up with whatever they were doing prior to the crash. These are a few things that should limit the question of what to do if your computer crashed in the middle of a game.

Conclusion of Secure Online Casino Gaming

One resolution for those players that find the crashing of the game is due to their internet connectivity is to rather download the games so that they can play them offline, therefore limiting any issues to the hardware itself.

Either way the task of answering what to do if your computer crashed in the middle of a game relies on a fair degree of forethought and some contingency planning, but can result in some solid peace of mind for the foreseeable gaming future, which, given the scenario, can be wholly inviting.

Types of Roulette Bets

Types of Online Roulette Bets

A good understanding of the various Roulette bets will give players a better understanding of how to play online Roulette and also increases the odds of them landing a winning spin.

Roulette bets can be divided into two main types, inside and outside bets.  Inside bets are the ones that are placed on the inner section while outside bets are those placed outside of the numbered part. The inside bets are more difficult to win, but have larger payouts.  Inside bets are usually placed on one number or a combination of six numbers.  Inside bets vary depending on whether players are playing American or European Roulette.

Inside Bets

A straight up bet is placed on a single number and here players place their chips on that particular number.  There is the option to place more than one straight up bet.  Players have a better chance of winning if playing European Roulette.  A split bet is placing a bet on two numbers next to each other and the numbers can be connected vertically or horizontally.  A player will place their chips on the line between the two numbers.  A street bet is placing a bet on three numbers horizontally along the same line by placing their chips on the end of the line where the bet is placed.

The corner bet is placing a bet on four numbers at the intersection such as 11, 12, 14 and 15 by placing their chips where the four numbers intersect.  The double street bet or six line best is placed on six numbers which are two horizontal lines with three numbers next to each other.  The top line or five line bet is only found when playing American Roulette.  With this bet a player will place a bet on five numbers which include 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3 and place their chips at the intersection of 0 and 1 or 00 and 3.

Outside Bets

Outside bets have a lower risk with lower payouts.  A High low bet is where a player places a bet on high or low numbers. The low numbers range from 1 to 18 and the high numbers range from 19 to 36.  Odd even bets are placed on odd or even numbers by placing their chips in the odds or even section.  A red black bet is placing a bet on either red or black by placing the chips on the black or red diamond box.  The columns bet is where a player places a bet on one of the three columns of 12 numbers and this bet is done by placing the chips under the last number in the column.  The dozens bet can be placed in a number of ways.  The player must place a bet on one of the three groups of 12 which are 1 to 12, 13 to 24 and 25 to 36.

In order to be a successful online Roulette player it is important to understand how these bets work and the odds associated with each one.  For first time online Roulette players it is probably a good idea to begin with outside bets as they are less of a risk.  Online casinos will offer players the option of trying out their Roulette games for free and this would be an excellent way to master Roulette playing skills.

Slots Betting Tips

Slots Betting Tips

Before looking at some tips for playing online slots it is important for online casino players to understand how online slots work.  Online slots make use of a Random Number Generator (RNG) and this generates numbers.  These are the numbers which determine where a particular reel will land.  It is also important that casino players realise that there is no way of beating a slot machine as the RNG ensures that the spinning process is completely random.  Results of previous spins have no effect on how the next spin turns out.  Players may have heard about hot and cold slot machines, this is a myth.

Even though playing online slots is a game of luck there are a few tips that players can use when playing slots at an online casino.

Enjoy Playing Slots

There is one fact that online casino players will have to accept and that is the house will always have the mathematical edge.  The first tip is to enjoy playing online slots, the reality is that players will not always win and should understand this when playing online slots.  Playing online casino games should be fun and can be an enjoyable experience.

Play for Free

Another tip is to try out various online slots for free.  The majority of online casinos will have a free play option also known as demo mode at some casinos.  This will allow online casino players to try out slot games for free by using demo credits instead of real cash.  By using this option players can try out a variety of slots and at the same time understand how the slot works and take time to practice the game so that when they do sign up for real money play they are already familiar with the slot as well as being able to establish that the online casino is reputable.

Bonuses and Promotions

Players should also take advantage of the often generous bonuses and promotions that are offered at online casinos.  Many of these bonuses will come in the form of free spins or cash which will help players increase their bankroll and allow them to spend more time enjoying playing slots.  Online casinos will always offer a welcome bonus to new players and these bonuses are usually well worth it.  Players should make sure they do go over the terms and conditions of these.  For long time slots players at a casino there will also be rewards in the form of loyalty bonuses and cash rewards for being loyal players.

Start Small

When playing online slots, especially for those just starting out, it is advisable to play online slots which do not offer progressive jackpots as these do not pay out as often.  It is better to stick to the smaller, more possible wins.  That being said, if a player is in it for the money, than the progressive slots are the way to win.

Budget Realistically

Budgeting well is an important tip when playing any online casino game.  Players should set aside an amount for playing slots with and stop playing when that amount is lost.  They can also decide at what point they should stop playing, possibly decide on a certain amount of winnings or a time limit.

By considering these tips and keeping in mind that online slots are games of pure luck players can enjoy an online gaming experience without any major disappointments.

Online casinos New Zealand

Generous Jackpots at Online Casinos New Zealand

The players who patronise the online casinos New Zealand has to offer expect a high level of service when they decide to open a real money account, with this list including high-quality games, liberal payouts, open-handed bonuses and top-of-the-line service. And, if the proper research is done by the player beforehand, there is no reason for them not to get it.

The various casino comparison sites which offer their services totally free of charge to players from this country are able to save players time by listing the pros and cons of each place to play, after extensive checks have been done in order to ensure that the casino is able to provide exactly what it says it is.

The online casinos New Zealand offers make sure that seamless, stress-free environments are on hand in order to provide a good experience each and every time, and the process is a fun one, from the moment the account is opened to the point where winnings are withdrawn.

Opening an Online Account is Easy to Do

Opening an online casinos New Zealand account will allow players unhindered access to an extensive list of the latest and greatest real money games, and doing so is a very simple process. Once the required information has been filled in on the form provided, with this info always kept totally private, and the terms and conditions have been reviewed and agreed to, the deposit method can be selected. Once this cash has cleared, the games begin, and the real money returns with online pokies bonuses become a reality.

Banking Methods and Bonuses

The online casinos New Zealand provides access to provide a wide range of methods by which deposits can be made, and players will easily be able to find one exactly to their liking. New players will also be eligible for a Welcome Bonus, and should make it their first order of business to go about activating it –after reviewing in full the terms and conditions portion of the agreement, of course, and ensuring that they are able to meet all of the requirements.

Returning players will be able to take advantage of a changing array of special offers and promotions, and will soon find that there are more ways to win with the online casinos New Zealand provides than just getting lucky during a game.

First-Rate Games Available for Play

Another vital aspect of the best online casinos New Zealand has available is the range of games that are provided for players to enjoy whenever they wish to, each of which is able to offer the chance for players to enjoy first-rate software, and pocket real money wins. From old classics right on through to the exciting variations modern technology has allowed for, the quality and choice when it comes to what to spend time on is almost limitless.

Players can look forward to Roulette, Pokies, Scratch Cards, Blackjack, Craps, and Video Poker, to name a few, all of which provide great graphics, and smooth, reliable gaming platforms.

Mobile Slots

Mobile Slots Have Taken New Zealand By Storm

Online casino sites have just stepped it up a notch with the launch of mobile slots in New Zealand. The industry is on fire since online slots have gone mobile, and it is said that this is future of slots as we know it. The use of smartphones and tablets have grown significantly over the last few years and it makes absolute sense that Mobile Slots would follow from the technology phenomena that we know as a smart device.

Mobile Slots have proven to be a great success in New Zealand with very good pay out ratios and the convenience to play wherever you are.

What Makes Mobile Slots So Popular?

The whole buzz around New Zealand Mobile Slots is the fact that it provides players with the freedom of playing wherever they are and at whatever time of the night or day they feel like playing. Having the option of playing on your mobile phone gives you the portability that land based casinos and even online casinos from a desktop could never offer.

All smart phones and tablets now support Mobile Slots and blackjack online and players have the option of either downloading an application through which the New Zealand Mobile Slots can be played or allowing you to play these slots directly from your mobile web browser.

Keep in mind that when downloading the software of application onto your phone, this option usually provides you with a bigger selection of Mobile Slots. If you are not sure which one of the above options suites your needs best, maybe try out the online casino site via your web browser and if you are entirely happy with what you have experienced, download the New Zealand Mobile Slots software or application onto your phone to continue.

Popular Mobile Slot Features

You might have noticed that when you search for New Zealand Mobile slot sites you get bombarded with an abundance of hits. The good news is that you are definitely spoiled for choice; the bad news is that you have to somehow sift through these to get to the online slot sites that are worth trying out. We would like to offer you a few tips on what to look out for when you are reviewing different New Zealand Mobile Slot sites.

  • Most slot sites that are worth trying usually offer a sign up bonus or some sort of welcoming offer.
  • All the leading Mobile Slot sites offer VIP rewards to their loyal and returning customers. Read up on this and establish what you need to do to come into account for these offers.
  • Keep an eye out for regular promotions
  • Most of the leading New Zealand online sites do not only offer Mobile Slot solutions but also have sports betting offers, should you be interested in a bit of variety.
  • Be on the lookout for weekend promotions and special offers

Leading online slot sites run a loyalty programme for their frequent players, so be sure to sign up for this to get the maximum benefit.

Online Casino Slots

Online Casino Slots Explained

Online casino slots have taken off in a big way and for players living in Canada playing online is legal especially if playing at an official provincial casino.  Playing online at casinos outside of Canada should not be a problem, but it is always a good idea for players to confirm this, but currently there have been no issues of players from Canada getting into any legal trouble by playing online casino slots.

How to Play Slots

Playing online casino slots in Canada is easy and slots are all basically played in the same way, with a few minor adjustments for certain slots.  Basically all players have to do is select how many paylines to activate and then decide how much to bet on each payline and then hit the spin button.  When a winning combination is hit the credits are added to the total.  Online casino slots are definitely a game of chance and the objective of all slots is to match different symbols in varying combinations.

Types of Slots

There are a range of different online slots for players in Canada to try and these include classic slots which usually have 3 reels and have symbols such as fruit, 7’s and bar symbols.  Then there are video slots which usually have 5 reels and many paylines which offers more opportunities for winning combinations.  Progressive slots have a progressive jackpot where each player contributes a small portion of their wager to a jackpot.  These jackpots often get very big and will not reset until someone has won the whole jackpot.  There are also a range of themed online slots which are popular among players in Canada and some are based on popular movies or TV shows.

Play Slots for Free

Many online casinos in Canada will offer online casino slots for free also known as playing in demo or practice mode.  This option lets players try out different online casino slots for free before signing up and making a deposit.  Playing for free offers players the opportunity to play with demo credits which means if they lose its not real cash.  This option is risk free and the demo game often lets players try out all of the features.  Playing for free means that players are familiar with the slot game when they sign up for real money, which increases the chances of winning while looking for keno online casino games.

Slots Odds

Online casino slots have a range of different odds.  Some games will have jackpots, progressive jackpots and some will have high payouts for the symbols and bonus games.  Some online casino slots in Canada only require a small bet and a huge jackpot can be won.  Other slot games offer odds that payout not much more than the wager.

Special Features

Online casino slots also have special features such as bonus games, which are usually activated by a combination of scatter or bonus symbols.  During the bonus games players can win free spins or cash.  Free spins are spins that players are given and are usually activated by the free spins symbols and some online casino slots in Canada will give away free spins randomly during the games.  Multipliers give extra winnings to players and these are usually activated during a free spins round or a bonus round.

Playing online casino slots is great way to enjoy a range of slot games and playing for free is a great way for players in Canada to try out new slots without the risk of losing money.

online casino reviews

Must-Have Casino Reviews for Players in Canada

Even the most novice of player in Canada will be aware of how saturated the online casino industry is. Doing a simple search for an online casino, or online casino reviews, will yield thousands of options and pages and pages of results. Eventually the words start to swim across the page and you’re still no closer to finding the best casino open to players in Canada.

This is why online casino reviews are so very important. With such a variety of options and each site offering competing bonuses and rewards, it can be hard to know which site is what it claims to be, as there are many charlatans online. Reading online casino reviews can assist in narrowing down the options, and problematic sites can be ruled out at the click of a button.

Finding the Best Online Casino

One thing that players in Canada should remember is that every site is going to claim to be the best online with the best games, best pay outs and best security. Of course, they can’t all be telling the truth! Online casino reviews are more reliable than the claims each site will make, as the reviews are written by reliable sources that have played numerous real money games at multiple casinos to report back in an unbiased manner.

In order to find the best online casinos and the best games on offer, take a look at a range of online casino reviews, and be sure to take the advice on offer. If more than one review site has categorically stated that a particular site is best avoided, be sure to follow this sage advice. The most reliable online casino review sites will be upfront about the basis on which casinos are reviewed, which will assist players in making a choice.

The People Have Spoken

One of the greatest things about sites that offer online casino reviews is that they listen to public opinion and experience, and will report back the findings to the general public. If you don’t know where to look, it can be hard to find other player experiences whether they be good or bad, and review sites take the guessing work out of the equation when choosing Canadian slots online to play.

Many sites will state that they have had customer feedback in relation to a specific online casino, and will take this into account when doing a review of the casino in question. Not only will the site give online casino reviews, but will also be sure that readers are aware of current and upcoming site-specific promotions, and as such, reviews are the best way to stay up to date with casino news.

Rankings of Games and Sites

If reading walls of text is not really your thing and you’re more of a visual person, most sites offering online casino reviews will have a large, brightly coloured casino ranking table which is frequently updated to make sure they’re offering players the best advice.

Sites that often see the highest rankings with online casino reviews are ones which are backed by independent online casino regulators such as eCogra, or e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. eCogra was established in 2003 as a non-profit organization which aims to ensure players enjoy fair online casino games, and these standards are maintained by reviewing and monitoring the approved sites on an almost constant basis. If a player in Canada frequents a site approved by eCogra, they can be assured that they will be enjoying the most highly rated casinos available online.

Online casino no deposit

About Online Casino No Deposit Bonuses

Like with many different types of websites that can be found on the Internet, online casinos are extremely abundant, and never before has there been such a wide variety of choice for players. This in turn has created strong competition between the different, more popular sites as they attempt to win over players that are looking for a new casino to join up with.

One of the most effective methods of player recruitment has come in the form of special bonuses and promotions, where sites will offer unique online casino no deposit bonuses aimed specifically at those new to the scene. For the most part, this has been an overwhelming success for most online casino sites, but this in itself has created a new problem for players, as there is now a huge choice of online casino no deposit bonuses to choose from. Our Canadian players will find that there is plenty to choose from when finding the right online casino website both locally and internationally, and there are certain things to keep in mind before signing up with a site for the long term.

Types of Online Casino No Deposit Bonuses

Online casino no deposit bonuses can come in many shapes and sizes, but the general premise remains the same. After joining up with a casino, the player will receive a special bonus without having to spend any money. This type of bonus is usually once off, and is designed solely for new players. Most commonly, this bonus will come in the form of free credit in the account, meaning the player will have the chance to player a select number of casino games for free, for a limited time.

Sometimes the bonus will be a predetermined number of spins, which the player can use with slot machines that the casino offers.

Advantages of Online Casino No Deposit Bonuses

Of course, the first advantage of making use of an online casino no deposit bonus is that the player will not have to invest any real money before they can start playing the games. This can allow the player to test out the games that the casino offers as well as learn about the general workings of the casino before deciding to stay with that casino.

Additionally, there is always the chance of earning real money back from using an online casino no deposit bonus. For example, the casino may offer players free spins that they can then use on a slot machine of their choice, and they have the chance to win money off of that slot, which is then added to the account. Players are often then able to withdraw that money, meaning that the player has gained full returns without any monetary investment of their own. Depending on the region that the casino is located as well as the types of currency they accept, Canadian players will be able to withdraw dollars from the casino back to their own private accounts much like NZ players can when playing online pokies NZ games.

Online Casinos No Deposit Bonuses In Conclusion

Any online casino no deposit bonus is a great way to start up a new online casino game career as is gives new players the chance to test the waters without any of the risk.


Where’s the Gold

Basics of Where’s the Gold Slot

Another slot title from Aristocrat, the Where’s the Gold online slot offers many of the same features that loyal players have come to expect. In a setup that is very popular for Aristocrat, this Where’s the Gold slot offers a total of 5 game reels, with the option of activating a grand total of 243 paylines. Players of the slot have the option of choosing how many coins they want to use for each and every spin. The coin betting range goes from 25 up to 125 coins, meaning that it is suited to players on all different budget levels.

The coin value can also be adjusted in the Where’s the Gold online slot, with a range going from 0.02 up to 10.00. As such, the actual game play can be adjusted to suit all types of players, as well as for players using varying playing or betting strategies. The main jackpot prize that can be won, as long as you have bet the correct amount for your spin, is a total of 1,000 coins. There are other bonus rounds on offer, as well as free spins up for grabs. The final feature worth mentioning in this introduction is that players can also get as much as a 30x win multiplier, which is certainly one of the best and easiest ways of increasing your winnings.

Free Spins in Where’s the Gold

The theme of the Where’s the Gold online slot is predictably based on gold mining, and all symbols and game sounds are based around this. However, whatever the theme might be, the ways of winning and the bonus features are perhaps more important to most players. The first feature worth mentioning is if you are able to land at least 3 of the Dynamite scatter symbols anywhere across the reels. If you do manage to achieve this, Where’s the Gold will reward you with 10 free spins. Free spins are known to be one of the best ways of increasing your chances of winning without having to spend any more of your own money with this no deposit casino bonus in Canada.

In addition, players of Where’s the Gold will also be given up to a maximum of three of the Wild Gold game symbols. Once you have been awarded these symbols, you then need to choose a game character. The total number of free spins that a players can be awarded is based on the nugget symbol that shows up in the little window that appears underneath the spotlight. One of the other things worth remembering in the Where’s the Gold slot is that the feature can be triggered over and over again, and so it is possible to get more of these free spins, up to a maximum of 20 at a time.

Where’s the Gold Winning Combinations

The game symbols in Where’s the Gold are bright and colourful. While there are no features in this game that are a huge surprise, the winning opportunities are what players have come to expect from Aristocrat slot games. Full details about winning combinations are available with the game’s paytable. Other than that, you can choose to use whatever betting strategy you like.

Wheel of Fortune Hollywood

The Wheel of Fortune Hollywood Edition

There are numerous variations of slot games that go by the name of Wheel of Fortune, and all differ from each other in various ways. The Wheel of Fortune Hollywood Edition slot offers many of the standard features that you would come across in most versions of the game, but with some key differences. The Wheel of Fortune Hollywood Edition is based on the principle of high risk high reward, and so players who enjoy going for the big wins will probably enjoy this particular online slot.

This particular Wheel of Fortune Hollywood slot offers a fairly standard 5 game reels with a total of 5 win lines. The limited number of win lines means that playing or betting strategies don’t need to be all that complicated in this particular slot, and players can remain focussed on the core features of the game. However, there are still up to 700 possible ways to win on each and every spin, as long as you have all the paylines activated for that particular spin.

Players have the option of adjusting the value of the coins they use for playing, and also choosing the number of win lines they want to activate. This means that a specific Wheel of Fortune Hollywood spin cold cost you only a small amount or it could be a much bigger bet. The choice is all yours.

Wheel of Fortune Hollywood Jackpot Prizes

The main payout that is on offer in the Wheel of Fortune Hollywood online slot is 50,000 coins, with a second jackpot prize of 2,500 coins. This clearly shows that the main focus of the Wheel of Fortune Hollywood slot is the big jackpot prize. Because of this, it is important for all players to take careful note of exactly what is required in order to be eligible for one of these big wins. You must make sure that you place the correct bet of the correct value, in order to be able to stand a chance of claiming the main jackpot.

Interesting, the Wheel of Fortune Hollywood Edition slot allows players to claim wins by creating combinations going from left to right and also from right to left. This is what enables the game to offer so many possible ways to win with the limited number of reels and paylines. The symbols in this online slot are fairly simple, and include a number of fruit symbols such as the oranges, grapes, watermelons, and strawberry symbols.

Wheel of Fortune Slot Symbols

If you manage to land the diamond ring symbol in the Wheel of Fortune Hollywood slot, you could claim a 750 coin payout. Other symbols that offer some of the bigger payouts include the cruise liner symbol, and also the tropical beach icon. These symbols pay out 1000 coins and 1200 coins respectively. Full details about all of these payouts, as well as the best winning combinations, are all available on the paytable that comes along with this online real money Canadian slot game. Importantly, you typically need to land 5 of the symbols in a row to claim the payouts that have been mentioned above.