The Best Rugged Smartphones In The World

Modern smartphones are incredible devices that allow us to do any number of tasks, from taking pictures, making video calls, answering emails, and browsing the web. The biggest problem with smartphones is that they tend to be on the delicate side, and sometimes a fall or bump is enough to leave a large crack in the screen or in the back panel.

One way to avoid this entirely is to purchase one of the many rugged smartphones that are on the market. These are devices that have military-grade testing, meaning that they’re not only resistant to water, but also to dropping, dust, and even radiation, and can run just about any app available, from the latest games to online pokies NZ.

For those wanting a new phone that will last them many years despite constant abuse, these are the best rugged phones on the market right now.

The CAT S61

Cat has long been at the forefront of the rugged smartphone world, and their S61 is the best iteration of their flagship S series to date. The device was designed with outdoorsman and construction works in mind, meaning that its extremely versatile in terms of its specs and features, but also boasts enough ruggedness to keep it safe from most outdoor dangers.

Along with its military grade rating of IP68, the phone also boasts the latest specs, such as a powerful processor, 4 gigs of RAM, and 64GB of internal storage.

Sonim XP8

The Sonim XP8 is arguably the biggest contender to the S61, and comes with just as many features and comparable specs. The California-based company has gone to great lengths to provide a device that’s not only capable of keeping up with the latest flagship offerings from Samsung or Sony, but also enough toughness for even the harshest conditions.

The XP8 is not aimed at a general audience, but rather the that work in chemical planets, construction sites, or electricians, along with first responders, and the phone comes with both IP68 and FirstNet Ready certification, which means that it’s part of the congestion-free broadband LTE network meant to give first responders an edge in emergency situations.

Blackview BV9000 Pro

Blackview is no stranger to the rugged smartphone market, and have released a successful series of phones over the last few years. The BV9000 Pro is their latest offering, and comes with a number of improved features compared to the last generation which includes a better camera, a more powerful processor, more RAM, and a bigger battery.

The phone comes from the Chinese market, where Blackview has gained a foothold as a serious competitor for cheap phones that boast plenty of power and enough ruggedness that they can survive most outdoor adventures while still providing everything needed in a phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

Samsung’s past work in the rugged phone market hasn’t always been successful, but the S8 Active was designed to change all that. As a variant of their flagship S8, the Active comes with all the same internal hardware as the standard version, but with the toughness of a proper rugged phone.

It’s an elegant if expensive choice, and perfect for those wanting a Samsung that can brave the outdoors.