Keeping Your Phone’s Screen In Good Condition

It’s the part of the phone that we interact with the most, and it’s how we run our apps, watch videos, communicate, and so much more. The screen of modern smartphones are marvels of engineering, combining both the input and output into a single feature.

Considering that almost all smartphone screens are made of glass, they’re surprisingly tough, but that doesn’t mean that they are not susceptible to certain kinds of damage and degradation. Here we will look at some helpful tips for making your phone’s screen last as long as possible.

Screen Protectors

Phones don’t generally ship with screen protectors, but they are always worth investing in, for several reasons. First and foremost, these protectors keep the screen safe from any damage that would otherwise be dealt to the main screen. Scratches are caught by the protector, and vibrations that would otherwise cause damage to the main screen are instead absorbed by the protector.

Plastic protectors are generally the better choice when it comes to overall longevity, but these can be difficult to get a hold of. If you cannot find a plastic screen, make sure the glass one that you’re buying is from a reputable and reliable brand, as cheap protectors tend to break quite easily.

OLED Burn-In

Burn-In is a problem that not many people face, but when it does occur, it can negatively affect the quality of a screen forever. Burn-in is a technical condition that’s exclusive to screens that make use of LED technology, which is why you are more likely to find burn-in on a Pixel phone rather than a Xiaomi one, for example.

While LED does provide better lighting and quality, the downside is that the individual pixels can burn out and leave a permanent image on the screen. If you have a phone that makes use of LED technology for its screen, it’s a good idea to make sure that the screen is not left on for long periods of time, such as taking breaks between playing bingo games in Australia. If you’ve got persistent screen lock information, such as the clock, it’s worth turning this off to ensure that burn-in doesn’t occur.

Shock-Proof Case

One of the most common causes of screen damage is due to the phone being dropped, which is something that usually happens out of pure accident. The best way to avoid this issue is by investing in a special case that provides shock-proofing in case the case falls.

These cases are usually made of a special silicon that’s capable of absorbing much of the energy when the phone makes contact with a hard surface, such as the floor. These are relatively inexpensive but can save on the costs of having the screen replaced.

Cleaning The Screen

When it comes to cleaning the screen, it’s best to use a cleaner that’s specifically made for screens. While some people like to make use of alcohol sprays, this can sometimes cause damage to the screen unless it has a glass screen protector on top of it.