iPhone Hacks You’ll Want to Try Immediately

The Android vs iPhone war rages on: many iPhone users passionately believe that their phone is far more intuitive and Android users enjoy the ease of customisation and configuration of their phone.

Still, as simple as iOS seems, there are plenty of hidden features you probably have no idea about!

Use the Keyboard as a Trackpad

With the trackpad feature you will be able to move the cursor more accurately and jump to parts of text without having to tap on the screen.

To enable, press firmly and hold anywhere on the keyboard and then simply drag your finger around to move the cursor through the text.

Use Your iPhone As a Spirit Level

Did you know that you have a built-in spirit level app hidden in the compass app? Probably not!

Simply open the compass app, swipe left, and your spirit level app will be revealed.

The spirit level can be used in either portrait or landscape mode and if you tap the screen you will be able to measure the difference between two surfaces.

Correct a Mistake in the Calculator

There’s nothing worse than doing a complex calculation only to mistype one digit and have to start all over again – we’ve all been there.

The good news is that you can easily correct mistakes in the calculator app.

Simply swipe to the left or to the right of where the digits are displayed and the last number you entered will be deleted.

Siri Can Use Nicknames

We can’t deny that Siri is pretty awesome – you can ask her to look up the rules of blackjack or what the weather is like in another country!

What makes her even more awesome is the fact that you can add nicknames to people’s contacts which can be used by Siri to figure out who you are trying to contact.

You’ll be able to tell Siri to “call mom” simply by adding ‘mom’ as the nickname in your mother’s contact.

Hide Your Sensitive Photos

Nowadays, whole lives are lived on mobile phones and sometimes our phones contain certain things you would rather not have anyone else see.

Fortunately iPhone has made it easy to hide private and sensitive photos. Select one of more images in photos, tap ‘share’ and then select ‘hide’.

The image will be hidden from all places in your library, but can be found easily in the ‘Hidden’ album.

Find Your Lost iPhone

It’s important to fill out the Medical ID section of the Apple Health app as you will be able to list your allergies, pertinent medical information, as well as your next of kin.

Your details will also show up here if someone taps the dialer’s Emergency link which will make it much easier to track you down should you misplace your iPhone and it’s found by a Good Samaritan.

Use the Camera as a Magnifier

This is quite possibly our favourite hidden iPhone gem!

You can now use your camera as a magnifier and all you have to do to enable is go to Settings – General – Accessibility and then tap Magnifier to turn it on.

Then, to launch the feature, triple-tap the Home button and use the slider at the bottom of the screen to take a closer look at anything and everything.

Things You Didn’t Know About Your Android

Android phones come in many forms and are one of the most popular forms of smartphones in the world. A huge percentage of the planets and Australia’s population own them and use them for everyday tasks such as texting, taking selfies and calling people.

There are a few little hacks that you may not be aware of however which will make owning an Android even more fun.

Control Your PC From Anywhere

Your Android phone can be used as a remote-control device using an app like TeamViewer. Make changes, access files, enjoy horse racing betting and run programmes from anywhere that you are using only your mobile.

This is sure to make life much easier, and will really help if your Nan needs you to be a techno boffin and help her with her computer.

Use A Paper Cup As A Speaker

We have heard of the toilet roll speaker, but are you aware that you can use a paper cup in almost the same way?

Simply put your phone into a (dry!) paper or polystyrene cup, and it will amplify the sound emanating from the speakers.

Unlock Your Phone Via SMS

Loading an app called SMS Bypass allows you to lock or unlock your phone without having to use the pattern or password.

Use this with care, however, as it may lead to potential security threats.

Hack A Wi-Fi

Your phone can actually hack a Wi-Fi signal. With the correct apps, you can disconnect people or even take charge of a Wi-Fi signal in your area.

This is highly frowned upon however unless you are a part of the FBI.

Record Your Screen To Make A Tutorial

Nan got a new smartphone? Has no idea how to work it and keeps calling you? No problem! Use this handy app called No Root to record exactly what you do on your screen.

This is great for creating tutorials that you can then send to your Nan.

Make Your Own LAN

Gone are the days when you had to lug your enormous desktop pc into a LAN in order to play multiplayer games against your mate.

Now you can use Wi-Fi and your Android device to sync up and play games to your heart’s content, pretty much wherever you are.

This works especially well if one of your devices is creating its own hotspot that the others then connect to.

Make The Most Of Your Battery

Battery optimisation is essential for any Android user. Smartphones use a lot of juice so knowing how to get the most out of your power source will make a huge difference in your life. Turning off your ambient display and adaptive brightness.

This basically adjusts the display according to its surroundings. This can be found under settings and display.

Take a look at the various power saving options which your phone offers, they come with varying degrees of usefulness ranging from hardly affecting how things work to severely limiting apps and data.

Knowing how to make the best use of these can seriously help you out in a jam when your phone has low power and you are nowhere near a charging source.

Android Into A TV Remote

How To Turn Your Old Android Into A TV Remote

As far as gadget-hacks go, it probably doesn’t get any better than this: turning your old Android into a TV remote.  The fact is, universal remotes are great.

But: universal remotes are also very expensive.  What better way to circumvent the niggly issue of forking out bags full of money for a television remote than to up-cycle an existing device to do the same job?

So, if you own an Android device with an Infrared (IR) blaster, we’ll show you how to navigate your television set without having to spend an additional dime on the project.

There’s An App For That

Isn’t there always?  What a time to be alive.  Your App of choice is basically going to be the make or break of your Android-assisted viewing experience.

We’ve done the hard work on your behalf and will now present you with a general overview of some of the more popular Apps for this particular life-hack.

AnyMote – Smart Remote Control

Intuitive is what AnyMote is all about.  This becomes apparent as soon as you open the App.  It’s as simple as sports betting NZ, all you need to do is choose your specific device make and model from the set-up screen, and follow the rest of the installation prompts as you are guided along from one set-up screen to the next.

If your device or model of device is not listed among the pre-listed devices, the “most models” option will most probably work a charm.

Next it’s as simple as choosing the IR blaster in your phone and look on as your Android is transformed from the old device that you used three smartphones ago into a charming button-like remote interface.

The App comes with the option of customising what your digital remote will ultimately look like in terms of fuctionality buttons.  Once you’re happy with your design, simply tap on the “keep” option to save your personal selection.

The App is free for one device.  As soon as you want to add more than one device, i.e. more than one Android remote, you will have to start paying.  Even then, nowhere near the cost of a universal television remote.

ASmart Remote IR

We’re all about options and this is another one.  Asmart Remote IR comes with many of the same bells as whistles as AnyMote, but with the added advantage of a special feature called the Rooms Feature.

The Rooms Feature allows you to to set up various remotes for different devices in the scope of a solitary room.  Once set up, you will be able to effortlessly toggle between the different devices as and when the need arises to do so.

You will even be able to customise the names of the different rooms in your home as well as the various remotes that go with those rooms, in order to rule out any confusion.

Best of all, ASmart Remote IR is 100% free.  The App controls most TV’s, home theatre systems and streaming boxes.

The History Of The Mobile Phones

Today, we take many of our luxuries for granted. Whether it’s our modern, home desktop computers or our smart cars, many of the technologies we have at present were once no more than the stuff of dreams to older generations. These technologies have become such an integral part of our lives that we sometimes completely forget that they all started somewhere, and few other devices have a history as rich as the mobile phone.

Modern phones can do more tasks than the bulky computers that sent the first astronauts to the moon, such as watching videos or even enjoy Cox Plate betting live. For the most part, we simply can’t appreciate them because we don’t really have a frame of reference: we can’t take an old computer from the 1960s and compare it side-by-side to the latest Samsung flagship device.

Even so, taking a look at where our smart phone came from can help us truly appreciate what an incredible piece of technology we hold in our hand, and just how far it has come.

The First Mobile Phones

Going back to the 1970s, companies around the world were beginning to experiment with various types of computerised technology. The first consoles were on the market, basic home computers were becoming widespread, and the very first prototype mobile phones were being tested. These devices were built off the tech that had run communication radio hardware over the previous decades, and many realised that potential of such a device for the average person.

This led to the creation of the DynaTAC 8000X, a huge device that looked like something you would find straight out of World War 2. It was the prototype of the very first phone, the ancestor to all the smart phones we have today, and the beginning of a new era in mobile technology.

The DynaTAC was unveiled to the public in 1973, being developed and created by Motorola. The device took over 10 hours to charge, allowed for 35 minutes of usage, and cost almost $4000.

From Then To Today

The DynaTAC was a glimpse of what was to come, and companies around the world quickly began creating mobile devices of their own. This continued for the next twenty years, and for each new generation of signal that was developed, a new range of mobile phones would be released to keep up.

This meant constant advancement in the mobile phone industry, and by the late 1990s, we had access to devices that could last for days at a time, allowed us to make lengthy, high-quality phone calls, send texts, and even play some simple games.

This is when the mobile behemoth Nokia was at its prime, and many still remember some of the legendary mobile phones that the company produce. It wouldn’t be until 2007 that the first commercial smart phone would take the world by storm, in the form of the first iPhone. It was one of the most successful iterations of the mobile phone to date. Fast-forward to now, and we have an incredible range of phones to choose from, each more powerful and more capable than the last.

The smart phone will continue to develop and give us even more access and power than ever before, but we must never forget the humble DynaTAC that started it all.

Apps Make Life Easy in the Kitchen

It’s never a good feeling when you are on dinner duty and you know the family are expecting little more than blackened lumps that may have once been food, and a whole lot of smoke. Thankfully, as with much of life, mobile tech has come to the rescue.

Think about it. Smartphones and tablets are small and easy enough to use in a space that can get as cluttered as a kitchen can. They are a great way of creating a link between the pantry and the butcher, grocer, or supermarket, and, if you are really careful, you won’t drop them into the batter to serve them up in a Victoria sponge at tea that afternoon.

There is also the added bonus of being able to call the fire department almost immediately, if one of your culinary adventures goes awry.

Plenty of apps can lend a helping hand in the kitchen. With just a tap and a swipe, you can find recipes, plan meals, take notes, find useful information, help you eat ethically and healthily, and even act as cooking timers (lessening the chances of that previously-mentioned phone call).

Apps for Recipes

Browsing recipe collections is a great way to find inspiration and new ideas, as well as the basics, such as how to boil an egg. In addition to extensive, easily searchable libraries, most good recipe apps also include features such as photo albums, grocery lists, and meal organisers and planners.

BigOven, Epicurious, Yummly, and other recipe apps have been downloaded by users around the world. Social media functionality means you can join an international community of amateur and professionals who also have to face time in the kitchen.

Apps to Help You Shop

Shopping helper apps are perfect for anyone who makes a habit of losing the grocery list, or is convinced they will remember everything, don’t write anything down, and then return from the shops with everything but what is needed.

They are also a boon for anyone who wants to eat healthily and ethically. You can find sustainably-sourced meat and vegetable produce, and you can find out about pesticide levels, and how to buy inorganic vegetables that do not require intensive treatment with chemicals during farming.

Some apps also offer information about various meat cuts, and food preparation and storage tips. Substitution apps are particularly helpful in finding ingredients that can be substituted for one another.

Apps such as Dirty Dozen, Perfect Produce, Seafood Watch, Substitutions, and Nose to Tail are a few of the kitchen helper apps to consider.

Apps to Time Cooking

In many recipes, timing is everything. Timing, however, could also be everything in Geelong Cup betting, and if you follow the races, it can be too easy to forget about that prime stake on the griddle pan.

Download kitchen timer apps to help you make sure you don’t cremate your dinner. You can keep track of stove-top burners, as well as the oven, so cooking multiple dishes no longer involves several clocks and an advanced degree in mathematics. Thyme and the hands-free Wave Timer are preferred by many cooks who have realised just how useful a mobile device can be in the kitchen.

The Top Hacks Available For Android Devices

The Top Hacks Available For Android Devices

Hacking An Android

When you think of hacking, one of the first things that may come to mind is a seedy criminal sitting in a basement, writing lines of code on his computer as he attempts to break into a bank to steal money or steal personal information.

The truth of the matter, however, is that hacking can apply to modifying a device in a way that wasn’t thought of by the people that created the device. This can mean making your mobile phone more convenient, or give it more processing power.

Whatever the case may be, there are a number of ways that you can easily and efficiently make your device better without having to learn how to write endless lines of code.

What is rooting?

To start with, we need to understand what rooting is. In its simplest form, it’s an action where the user of the device essentially removes the default operating software, which would be Android as a whole. This allows the user to then install a custom operating system that is capable of things that Android potentially could not.

There are a lot of problems with rooting, however. The first is that as soon as you remove Android as an operating system, the device completely loses its warranty. Secondly, it also means putting a lot of faith into the developer of the root, and it’s easy for them to sneak some malware on to your device.

For the sake of keeping the Android OS complete and avoiding the downfalls of rooting, we will look at the top hacks you can accomplish without rooting.

Remote Control

Life is busy and tiresome, and thing you want to do is search for the remote for your television of your computer. This is where special virtual remote controllers come in, apps that allow you to control your other devices with your mobile phone.

They can allow you to control video players, music programs, and even browse the web. For even more control, some apps provided by companies like Google allow you to fully control your computer remotely, in case you need to access a file while not at home.

Top Hacks Available For Android Devices


Video games have been around for a long time, and for many, the chance to play some of the classics may seem impossible without purchasing one of the old consoles, often for exorbitant prices. Mobile emulators are the answer to this.

These apps usually come with a number of classic games installed, allowing you to enjoy them on your smart phone or tablet without any hassle.

Even more than this, you are able to install entire clients that offer a range of games, and if you are into casino games, there are clients that even give you the choice of online gambling in NZ all through your device.

Task Apps

Modern smart phones are capable of a lot of things, but have you ever wondered if there was some method of simplifying some of the more complicated tasks, such as having the Wi-Fi turn off automatically when you leave the house?

Task apps have been developed for this purpose, and allow you to custom tasks that initiate automatically under conditions that you can set. 

Android is a powerful system with limitless amounts of potential in the future, but for now, use these special apps and hacks to get the most out of your device without too much effort.

life hacks for your Smartphone

10 Easy-As-Pie Life Hacks for Your Smartphone

Smartphones have completely revolutionised the way we live our lives.

From navigating through an unknown city, online shopping, or monitoring our spending, smartphones have made our lives a whole lot easier.

But what if we told you that your smartphone had a few tricks up its sleeve? Check out these 10 mobile life hacks.

Make a Water Bottle Lamp

Yes, we know…water and smartphones aren’t generally an advised combination, but it’s the perfect combination if you need to illuminate a dark area.

Turn on your phones torch function, put your phone face down, and place a (lid on!) clear plastic water bottle over the beam – the water bottle will disperse the light further than the single torch beam.

Pump Up the Jams

Tired of the soft, tinny sound of your tiny smartphone speaker? Well then this mobile lack hack is for you! Placing your smartphone, speaker side down, into an empty glass or bowl will amplify the sound and will improve the sound quality ever so slightly.

Find Out If the Milk Is Sour

This might sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but researchers in the United States have developed sensors which can be read by a smartphone to detect gasses such as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

This technology could eventually be used to help detect pollutants, harmful chemicals, or explosives, but at the moment it can be used to create smart packaging which will detect if the food contained has gone off.

Play on the Go

So you’re a fan of online pokies real money NZ, but what about those hours when you’re away from personal computer and can’t play your favourite online casino games?

The good news is that most operators now offer smartphone online casino solutions which allow you to access your account no matter where you are in the world.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

The selfie has revolutionised the way people take photos and you would be hard-pressed to find a smartphone without a front facing camera, but have you considered that the front facing camera has another handy use?

Needing to check your hair or make-up while on the go, but you don’t have a compact? Use your front facing camera as a mirror in a bind.

Save Your Own Life

Many people have contacts saved in their phone under ICE (In Case of Emergency), but what about other pertinent information that would be useful to a rapid response team should you be incapacitated?

Good news for iPhone users which run on iOS 8 or later such as the iPhone 7: you will have the use of the Medical ID in the Health App.

Even if your phone is passcode protected, Medical ID is accessible from the lock screen.

Monitor Your Health

The Smartphone Cholesterol Application for Rapid Diagnostics, or SmartCARD, is a device which clamps over your smartphone’s camera and can be used to detect cholesterol and vitamin D levels with a single drop of blood, saliva, or sweat.

Using this device might just inspire you to make a few changes to way you live your everyday life.

life hacks for your Smartphone

Control Your Television

It might sound outlandish, but did you know that you can control your television with your smartphone?

Many of the new smartphones come with built-in infrared (IR) blasters which, coupled with a remote app, can control your TV, DVD player, games console, stereo and more. It can even be used to play sneaky tricks on your housemates – change the channel from your phone without them realising!