How To Turn Your Phone Into A PC

Most people tend to use their phones as a means of communication, light browsing, watching videos, and maybe even a bit of gaming, while reserving their desktop computers or laptops for work-related things. But many people might not realise that it’s entirely possible to use a smartphone as a fully-fledged computer – after all, smartphones are really just portable computers at the end of the day.

There are numerous ways that you can take your smartphone and transform it into a computer, and each depends on the technical level of the user. Here we will look at some simple (and more complicated) methods of doing just that.

1. Choose Android

While iPhones are no doubt excellent choices for many reasons, they aren’t a good fit if you want to use the device as a computer. Apple’s ecosystem is based in having separate devices for separate functions, and while there’s definitely plenty of overlapping between the devices, one can’t be used for the functions of the other.

For this reason, Android tends to be a better choice, as it gives the user a much wider degree of functionality and versatility.

2. Start With Accessories

The easiest way to turn an Android device into a computer is by first acquiring a few things. The first is a screen; Android are capable of running on external monitors, meaning that if you can find a cheap monitor, even one that boasts a high-definition resolution, the chances are that the Android will be able to display on it. Android is also able to recognise most wireless devices, such as mice and keyboards, meaning that you can simply plug a mouse and a keyboard right into your Android and it’ll work normally, including a cursor.

The next thing to do is choosing the kind of software that you want to use. While you won’t have access to such software as Microsoft Word or Excel, this can be mitigated by instead using something like Google Docs, which runs completely on a browser. You can also just as easily download the Google Docs apps or something similar to work as needed.

3. More Complicated Linux Emulation

For those that are good with technology and have some experience with the GNU/Linux operating system, it’s possible to turn your Android into a full, working computer with a wide choice of different Linux distributions.

This will require using a terminal emulator, such as Termux, and executing certain commands to install a distro. AnLinux is a very popular, open source app that automatically installs both distros and desktop environments, including Debian, Arch and the well-known DE Xfce, perfect for working, videos, or playing online casinos in India. The user will also need to download and install a VNC server, which allows the desktop environment to be displayed on the screen. Matching this with an external monitor, as well as a keyboard and mouse, and you will essentially be able to run a full computer through your Android.