The Top Open Source Apps Of 2022

In the world of software creation, there are two main kinds of software: closed source and open source. For the average person, the difference between the two isn’t too much of a big deal at all, as long as they are able to download an app that they want and use it. But in recent years, as more and more companies have been violating user privacy, open source software has become more popular.

There are thousands of different apps out there, but for the users that are concerned about their privacy and security, they might want to opt for an open source app. Here we will look at some of the most popular open source apps on the market right now.


Email remains one of the world’s most prominent forms of communication, especially within the business sector, but with Google becoming more intrusive than ever, especially when it comes to their proprietary apps, it’s a good idea to start looking for alternatives.

Fairemail, which is free to download and use, is an excellent alternative app that provides excellent privacy, as well as the ability to contain more than one email account at a single time. Access to the pro features can be unlocked for as little as 1 Euro per device.


WhatsApp is the world’s most-used instant messaging app, but after it was acquired by Facebook, it became apparent that the endgame was to find a way to harvest data from WhatsApp users, even if it didn’t mean directly reading their messages.

This has prompted millions of people around the world to seek privacy-friendly messaging apps, and the best right now is Signal. It’s a modern, sleek, and powerful messaging app that fully encrypts all messages between two users.


Instagram and Reddit are the two of the fastest-growing social media platforms right now, and while an open source client for Instagram doesn’t exist, there are plenty to choose from when it comes to Reddit.

Infinity is regarded as the best by most of the community, and not only is it open source, but it’s packed with plenty of features that bring Reddit browsing to an entirely new level. Along with that, Infinity is completely ad-free, while also being free to use, and makes it easy to keep up with world news, or even what’s happening in the world of bingo Australia.

Firefox Android

Despite the fact that Google’s Chrome is by far the dominant web browser for most of the world, Firefox remains a powerful browser that puts privact first.

They also have a mobile version of the browser that’s available for both Android and iOS, allowing Firefox users to seamlessly sync their bookmarks, passwords, and more.


If there’s something that’s generally lacking in the open source world, it’s a good cloud backup option.

And it’s for this reason that so many people prefer to handle their own data redundancy, which makes Syncthing one of the best options around. It’s easy to set up on multiple devices, and ensures that a user’s data is as private as possible.