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The Best of The Best Smartphones in 2017

In an age where even the cheapest smart phones can do things that were once only part of cheesy science fiction, it’s easy to take for granted just how powerful these little devices are. Smart phones have come a long way in the last 10 years, and while many of us thought that the first iPhone was truly the future, even that device is starting to look a little prehistoric in the fact of some of the devices on the market today.

These are devices that are on par with some of today’s more advanced laptops, and can run just about any type of media you can think of, ranging from high definition streaming to the latest 3D games.

The only problem that a potential buyer might face is what exactly to choose from – there’s more choice than ever, and now that just about every electronics company in the world has a device up for grabs, it can be confusing. So, whether you’re looking for something for HD video recording, gaming, or you want to play a little online blackjack from home, these are the best smart phones in the world right now.

5. Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Huawei, for a long time, was not a potent force in the mobile market. Mostly they released devices that were cheap but also lacked in features, and couldn’t hold a candle to Samsung’s Galaxy range, or the iPhone.

This has changed in recent years, and nothing proves this more than the Mate 10 Pro. Packing powerful features with huge amounts of storage and incredible battery life, the Mate 10 Pro is a great choice if you’re looking for something other than a Samsung or Apple.

4. The iPhone X

Apple was the uncontested king of the smart phone world for years, and while Samsung has since taken the crown, Apple remains a formidable contender.

The latest release from the company comes in the form of the iPhone X, their most powerful phone to date. With a large 5.8 inch screen and the latest iOS operating system, Apple proves they should be taken seriously.

3. Google Pixel 2

Google, the creators of Android, have pioneered more fields than most people are aware of, and when it comes to smart phones, the Pixel 2 is the best that the company has to offer. This is a device that shows off Android the way it was intended, making full use of the OS while providing an excellent device only outshone by their Samsung competitors.


2. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

The S8 range of Galaxy devices are the flagships of Samsung right now, and they come in more than one flavour. The S8 Plus is the big brother to the S8, offering the same, powerful features, but on a much larger screen at 6.2 inches.

This phone is second on the list simply because the screen size can become a problem, and for the price, many might prefer just to buy a tablet in its stead.

1. The Samsung Galaxy S8

The latest offering by Samsung, offering herculean performance, endless features, and some of the best specs in the tech world, the S8 is the culmination of years of experience and innovation.

It may not be the cheapest phone, have the largest screen, or have the largest internal storage, but it uses what it does have to bring a device that is second to none.