Whatsapp Tips for 2018

What did we do before Whatsapp? We used carrier pigeon, post and…BBM. But Whatsapp revolutionised the messaging world and we have come to take it for granted.

But we can do even more than just message on Whatsapp, there are so many time saving tips to try out that you will have plenty extra time to find some great Australian betting apps to use.

Here are our favourite tricks for Whatsapp:


You can now tag someone in a group chat, this is great if you are in a large group chat but want a specific person to get the message immediately. The person tagged will also get a notification of the tagging, even if their group chat is muted.


Type your message in the group chat

Select the “123” button and tap on the @ button

A menu will appear with all the members in the group chat, select the person who the message is for and hit send…easy!


Do you not want your boss to see your Whatsapp status on your work group chat? Want to keep other contacts from seeing your private updates? Try out this tip:

Go to:

WhatsApp Settings>Account>Privacy>Status

Then choose the setting to suit your needs

My contacts: this is the standard setting for Whatsapp, and means all contact will see your status

My contacts except: here you have the choice to exclude as many contacts as you like from seeing your status

Only share with: with this option you block everyone from seeing your status except your chosen group of contacts

Starred Messages

If you have a message that you need quick access to, maybe banking details or a grocery list, it is super easy to star it to have easy access to that message at all times!


In you chat, long press the message you wish to star, a few icons will appear at the top of the screen, select the start button and you are done.

Access these starred messages by selecting the three dots in the top right of the screen and selecting the starred messages options – simple.

Format Text

When you want to emphasize your message, there is nothing better than Bold. And when you want to shout at someone via message, there is nothing better than CAPS and Bold to make a point.

Bold:     add a star * to the beginning and the end of the text you are writing

Italics:   just add an underscore _ to the beginning and the end of the text you are writing

Strike through: just add a ~ to the beginning and the end of the text you are writing

Two Step verification

It is easy to access someone’s Whatsapp messages; applying the two step verification will help prevent this hack from occurring to you.

Go to:

WhatsApp Settings>Account>Two-Step verification>enable

By enabling this, the next time you register your phone number you will have to supply a pin

Pin Chats

This is a super simple and easy hack, so if you have a favourite chat that you want to keep at the top of your chat list, simply do this:

Press and hold down on the desired chat and a few icons will then appear at the top of the screen, just select the pin icon and that chat will remain at the top of your chat list.