Online Casino Slots Explained

Online casino slots have taken off in a big way and for players living in Canada playing online is legal especially if playing at an official provincial casino.  Playing online at casinos outside of Canada should not be a problem, but it is always a good idea for players to confirm this, but currently there have been no issues of players from Canada getting into any legal trouble by playing online casino slots.

How to Play Slots

Playing online casino slots in Canada is easy and slots are all basically played in the same way, with a few minor adjustments for certain slots.  Basically all players have to do is select how many paylines to activate and then decide how much to bet on each payline and then hit the spin button.  When a winning combination is hit the credits are added to the total.  Online casino slots are definitely a game of chance and the objective of all slots is to match different symbols in varying combinations.

Types of Slots

There are a range of different online slots for players in Canada to try and these include classic slots which usually have 3 reels and have symbols such as fruit, 7’s and bar symbols.  Then there are video slots which usually have 5 reels and many paylines which offers more opportunities for winning combinations.  Progressive slots have a progressive jackpot where each player contributes a small portion of their wager to a jackpot.  These jackpots often get very big and will not reset until someone has won the whole jackpot.  There are also a range of themed online slots which are popular among players in Canada and some are based on popular movies or TV shows.

Play Slots for Free

Many online casinos in Canada will offer online casino slots for free also known as playing in demo or practice mode.  This option lets players try out different online casino slots for free before signing up and making a deposit.  Playing for free offers players the opportunity to play with demo credits which means if they lose its not real cash.  This option is risk free and the demo game often lets players try out all of the features.  Playing for free means that players are familiar with the slot game when they sign up for real money, which increases the chances of winning while looking for great entertainment options.

Slots Odds

Online casino slots have a range of different odds.  Some games will have jackpots, progressive jackpots and some will have high payouts for the symbols and bonus games.  Some online casino slots in Canada only require a small bet and a huge jackpot can be won.  Other slot games offer odds that payout not much more than the wager.

Special Features

Online casino slots also have special features such as bonus games, which are usually activated by a combination of scatter or bonus symbols.  During the bonus games players can win free spins or cash.  Free spins are spins that players are given and are usually activated by the free spins symbols and some online casino slots in Canada will give away free spins randomly during the games.  Multipliers give extra winnings to players and these are usually activated during a free spins round or a bonus round.

Playing online casino slots is great way to enjoy a range of slot games and playing for free is a great way for players in Canada to try out new slots without the risk of losing money.