iPhone X

Taking A Look At The New iPhone X

Some say it’s a glorified reboot, others say its Apple’s biggest gamble to date that just happened to pay off.  It has, after all, been released without iPhone’s signature home button, to mention but one of its many new tweaks.

Talk about a dodgy toss of the coin.  Talk about a drastic change of direction.  Talk about, in our opinion; the closest Apple has ever come to creating the perfect smartphone.

For years we’ve been buying into the same old and exhausted ideas because, quite frankly, it was Apple and we wanted a new iPhone.  Now, for the first time since the new iPhone’s original release back in 2007, we’ll be paying for something completely new.

We’ll be paying for the innovation that we’ve been demanding from Apple for years now.

And, boy, have they delivered, just like a major win when enjoying the online betting NZ has to offer does.

Let’s Talk Price

If we’re completely honest, we all know that quality doesn’t come cheap.  Also, whilst we’re riding the honesty train, Apple users have never given two hoots about paying for an iPhone.  Discussing the price of the new iPhone X as a determining factor is almost as redundant as attempting to compare the master-class genius that is Apple to any other smartphone manufacturer.

However, for the sake of humour, the new iPhone X will set you back a cool AU$1,579 for the entry level 64GB model.  If you’re that guy or girl, prepare to whip out up to AU$1,829 for the privilege of owning the top of the range 256GB model.

Also, pre-order is crucial.  The official release date was November 3rd, but as Apple things go, stock is currently still in very high demand and disappointingly short supply.

The Screen

Which brings us to the important bit: the screen and quality of display.  The iPhone X is fitted with, quite frankly, the best damn screen that Apple has come up with to date.  The display is crisp, vibrant and clear.  In short, 5.8 inches of sheer magic.  The blacks are deep and the whites are blinding, everything you’d expect from OLED technology, and more.

iPhone X

Best of all, the colours don’t seem to be jumping around and mixing it up when movement occurs on the screen.  It’s colour-accurate and steady.  The bands on the sides of the screen provide a smooth landing platform for the fingers, preventing accidental selection and sliding whatnot.

As is the case with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the iPhone X makes use of a True Tone display.  True Tone perceives the lighting conditions around the iPhone at any given time of the day or night and adjusts the white/black balance accordingly.

The iPhone X also comes with HDR playback.  This means that the phone is now able to display movies that have been encode in HDR10 and Dolby Vision.  This, combined with the OLED technology, creates a much more rich and realistic colour set.  The images appear realistic and full-bodied.  And you don’t even need those silly, foily 3D glasses at the movies to be able to enjoy them.

The iPhone X: definitely a winner in our books.