Tech Trends Of The Future

Technology moves along at an astonishing rate. So fast, in fact, that it has become near impossible to predict what technology will be like in a few years, never mind a few decades.

Who, after all, could have predicted the ridiculous levels of mobile phone advancement today, back in the 80s, when mobile phones did not even exist? The very notion that mobile phones have come as far as they have, in a single lifetime, is outrageous.

Even so, one can still make certain predictions, and hope to have at least some level of accuracy. It seems crazy that mobile phones will disappear in a few decades, and more likely that they will simply change form, even if dramatically. Likewise, it seems likely that motor vehicles will not vanish, but only evolve in new directions. Just like the online slots Canada have to offer still resemble the originals, only far more advanced.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the more likely predictions of how future technology will change, and what the new trends might be.

Mobile Phone Wearable Technology

There have been only a few ventures into wearable technology in the present, with smart watches and headsets being the most prevalent. Google Glass was a massively failed attempt to take this technology further, and many saw this failure as indication that wearable tech was simply not going to catch on. But don’t be so sure.

Major advancements in wearable technology are incoming, and it still seems like they will play a part in our future lives. With headsets that automatically adapt the volume of audible sounds, for the comfort of the wearer, in the pipeline, wearable tech is set to make a comeback.

Sure, the initial smartwatch releases were not a worldwide success, but saw enough success that future evolutions are still likely. It still seems like technology evolved wearable glasses are unlikely, but only because one can’t help but a look a little silly wearing them. But imagine a pair that looked no different from regular spectacles?

 Next Level Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has seen only moderate success so far, but this is largely due to how expensive a headset still is. A new wave of virtual reality headsets are incoming, and boast not only augmented reality capability, but a massively reduced price tag.

Virtual reality is a tech that has been predicted for decades, and finally seems to be becoming an actual reality. It makes sense that when it becomes more affordable it will likely take the world by storm, and evolve as rapidly as mobile phones.

Automated Vehicles

Automated vehicles are another technology that has been predicted for a long time, and although the technology exists to make such a thing possible, the implementation of it is slower than hoped for. Again, price tag has a great deal to do with it, and as it becomes more affordable, it will likely spread across the world rapidly.

No word on flying cars just yet, but one can only live in hope that the possibility still exists. Fingers crossed that the Back to The Future 2 universe may yet still come to be realised.