Our Favourite Four Mobile Games So Far In 2018

These days you would be considered weird if you didn’t have a mobile phone, and maybe even weirder if that phone wasn’t a smart phone. If you’re playing snake on you Nokia 3310, you are living in the Stone Ages of Mobile gaming, and also probably living under a rock.

With the ease of use of smart phones these days, mobile games are reaching massive audiences and are super easy to download and play. Two easy, so competition is tough and trying to get a number one game means a lot of effort goes into designing these games to attract gamers to your specific game.

Here are our picks for the best games to download and play as soon as possible in 2018.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

This collectable digital card game is super addictive clean fun, and is a must play for 2018. You get to play as either a hero or a villain in the universe of Warcraft, you get to fight and have minions! This game is free to download and is available across PC, Android and iPhone and I highly recommend using strategy in this game to earn more gold!

Although it was first released in 2014, its constant updates and expansions make this game fresh.

World Series of Poker (WSOP)

This licensed app is from the professional tournament and high level poker players, brings you the best poker competitions right to your hand. The game also assists you by helping you play better poker, so your odds of winning grow too.

The game offers you options to either play with your friends or fellow online players, so you can get on the world leader board and get your mad poker skills known. The app also offers a virtual slot machine game, Vegas style, to earn some extra chips.

So once you have practised and become proficient with the WSOP app, you can go and check out some online betting NZ sites to win some real money.


This mobile game was originally released in 2016, but is still one o the top Android games currently on offer.

The game revolves around a crash-landing on an alien planet and then building your life from there, collecting item, building a base and saving this alien planet from world domination.

Although it costs money to download, it has zero in app purchase cluttering up your screen, so it’s a definite win for a small price. You will thoroughly enjoy this RPG game, with its interesting characters and many items that you can collect.

Trivia Crack Kingdoms

The name has the key to this game; it is highly addictive and is a healthy form of crack for your mind. So if you’re looking for a game to still work your mind, but do not want to murder zombies or run over pedestrians, this is the game for you!

Players get to choose their channel of trivia questions, and you can challenge a friend or stranger on Facebook to a trivia dual online. You can play in a single channel game or multi player, and have multiple games going while waiting on your opponent to take their turn.